PACS 2010 Regular Edition

Individuals—Find applicable codes from PACS 2010

If you are a researcher preparing a manuscript for submission to a journal that requires the author to suggest applicable PACS codes, you may link below to an alphabetical index of the codes included in the latest edition of PACS. Use your browser's search feature to find the applicable terms within the index:

Complementing your search for appropriate codes, you may wish to browse PACS to view the codes as they appear within the scheme's hierarchy. Below are links to all ten sections of PACS 2010, along with its two appendices and supplement. Within each section, new codes appear highlighted in green:

50—Physics of Gases, Plasmas, and Electric Discharges

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Please note that the AIP Thesaurus has replaced PACS  as an aid in indexing and retrieving scientific information. PACS® 2010  is the final version.